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Public Safety

More than 70,000 Tennesseans are addicted to opioids. These drugs are the gateway to many crimes in our community. It is an epidemic. So I was proud to vote for the HB2656 Truth in Sentencing Law which requires violent offenders to serve 100% of their sentence.

In 2020, while serving on the County Commission, I voted to invest $1.9 million in the Sheriff’s Department where every sworn deputy got at least a 5% raise, with the average raise being 14%. Recently, the State Legislature was able to put 100 new highway patrolmen on the roads, increase staff in our human trafficking department, and increased the pay of our department of corrections workers. This was all done without increasing your taxes.


I am a product of Hamilton County Schools as are my children. My wife is a public school teacher, and almost every night we have a conversation about how we can help improve public education. My wife and I know that the greatest schools are the schools where parents are engaged and involved in their child’s success.

Although in 2019, I rejected a 13% local property tax increase I was able to vote in this recent legislature for the TISSA funding formula that will bring an additional $45 million to Hamilton County Schools without raising taxes.  This funding ensures that parents, teachers and students have the resources needed to experience improvements in education.

Economic Development

Governments have a responsibility to provide roads, schools, sewers and other infrastructure. This allows entrepreneurs to create the jobs our citizens need so they can provide for their families.

More people experience the American Dream from Main Street than Wall Street. I am a committed capitalist. I will always work for those willing to risk their capital to create better paying jobs for Tennesseans.

The Second Amendment and Gun Rights

If you need to be your own first responder, I will protect your right to defend yourself and your family. As your State Representative, I will always stand for the Second Amendment.

The Right to Life

I am Pro-Life and will always stand for the vulnerable and the unborn. I believe in defending the defenseless human being even if he or she is inside of another human being.

The voice of Tennesseans should be heard through the state legislature. These decisions about life should not be made in Washington D.C. by unelected, appointed judges.